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Добрый день всем!
Меня интересует вот какая информация- мы уезжаем на ПМЖ и забираем с собой кошку. Какие нужны документы, куда звонить, писать и есть ли какие обходные пути
Все что нашла в интернете - самая свежая инфа с датой 2011 года. может что изменилось
Спасибо заранее)))

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Это то что я уже нашла. Но инфа 2011 года. Может кому пригодится тоже


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Есть официальный ответ ветслужбы Израиля - список, формы для заполнения, контакты.
но не могу сюда загрузить файл ПДФ - если кто может помогите))))

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The Israeli Veterinary Services & Animal Health requirements that will be effective from 01/05/2010
1. According to the Animal Disease Ordinance (Animal Imports), 5734 – 1974), the importation of dogs and cats to Israel
requires an import license issued by the Director of the Veterinary Services in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural
Development (hereafter, the Director).
2. No person will import an animal unless through the following ports of entry: Ben Gurion Airport, Haifa seaport, Ashdod
seaport and Eilat seaport.
3. The import must be accompanied by an official veterinary health certificate, which was issued not more than 10 days
prior the arrival and signed by a government veterinarian of the country of origin, that follows the model certificate,
annex A, attached to the import permit, and which constitutes an integral part of it.
4. The dog/cat shall be no less than 4 months of age upon arrival in Israel, with the exception of arrivals from countries
listed in point 2 from which the pet can be imported at 3 months of age.
5. Under the Regulations for the Control of Dogs (Imports of Dangerous Dogs), 5765 – 2004, it is prohibited to import a dog
belonging to a dangerous breed1, as well as a dog that is the result of a cross with a dangerous breed and that exhibits
behavior patterns and physical traits similar to those of a dangerous breed. Excluding exceptional instances, accompanied
by a license from the director as set out in the said regulation.
6. All dogs and cats must be tagged with a subcutaneous electronic chip that transmits on a frequency of 134.2 kilohertz and
can be read with a chip reader that conforms to the provisions of the ISO Standard No. 11784 or of Annex A of ISO
Standard 11785. If the chip does not conform to these standards, the importer or the importer’s representative is required
to be in possession of another means to read it. It is important to note that such an electronic microchip does not conform
the Israeli legal requirements for tagging
7. All dogs/cats require a veterinary health certificate, as per paragraph 3, which states that:
a) At the time of examination it did not exhibit any symptoms of contagious or infectious diseases
b) They have been vaccinated against rabies no more than one year and no less than 30 days prior to their arrival in
c) 30 days after the rabies vaccination, A serological test for the animal, carried out on a sample taken by an approved
veterinarian and tested in an OIE-approved laboratory, which states that the rabies neutralizing antibody titer was
equal to or greater than 0,5 IU/ml.
8. The importer/owner is required to transmit by fax to the offices of the Veterinary Services at the port of entry3 a
notification according to the attached form, annex B, and the photocopy of the veterinary certificate accompanying the
shipment. The fax must be sent two working days prior to loading the shipment on the vessel (plane or ship). The
shipment is not to be released until this has been authorized by the Veterinary Services at the port of entry.
9. Dogs and cats that are imported as part of the accompanied baggage of their owners – up to a limit of two – are exempt
from having to obtain an import license from the Director, provided they meet the provisions of paragraphs 3 through 6
above, are accompanied by a health certificate issued by a government veterinarian in the country of origin within 10
days prior to their date of import, that testifies that the animals were examined and found healthy and free of contagious
diseases. The certificate should be accompanied by a declaration by the owners that the animals had been in their
possession at least 90 days prior to being brought to Israel, annex C.
Import of dogs and cats as accompanied baggage also requires provision of details as indicated in paragraph 8 above.
10. Dogs and cats that are healthy on arrival and accompanied by the required documentation, will not require a period of
quarantine in Israel.
11. In the event that the demands of the Veterinary Services have not been met in full, the cats/dogs will be returned to their
country of origin, destroyed or transferred to a quarantine facility at the discretion of the Director and according to the
conditions he dictates.
12. The importer/owner will be charged with all costs incurred due to the return of the animals to their country of origin,
their destruction and/or their transfer to and stay in quarantine, including examinations, diagnoses, vaccinations, and
special treatments if ordered by the Government Veterinarian.
13. The valid version is the one published in the Israeli Veterinary Services and Animal Health web site in Hebrew.
Chief Import-Export Veterinary Officer
1 The dangerous breeds are: American Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Amstaff), Bull Terrier, Argentinean Dogo,
Japanese Tosa, Staffordshire Bull Terrier (English Staff), Pitt Bull Terrier, Brazilian Fila and Rottweiler.
2 with the exception of arrivals from Oceania, Great Britain, Japan, and Cyprus; such dogs, if they were not
vaccinated, must be vaccinated against rabies within 5 days of their arrival in Israel.
3Ben Gurion Airport Fax:+972-3-9772033, Haifa: +972-4-8622455, Ashdod: +972-8-8565673 and Eilat: +972-8-

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